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Käytämme palvelussamme evästeitä toiminnan ja turvallisuuden varmistamiseen, markkinoinnin toteuttamiseen ja palvelun kehittämiseen. Lue lisää.


The Viking Lotto presents a lotto game of conventional jackpot draw style that is run by the 8 member states of Viking Lotto Bloc. Every time the Viking Lotto jackpot lacks a winner, it shall roll over and be included in the jackpot for the following draw. Its size continues rising, creating very huge jackpot amounts to be won.

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Vikinglotto. Vikinglotto is a multi-national lottery played in nine different countries across Europe. Draws take place every Wednesday at 20:00 CET in Hamar, Norway.

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vikiing lotto

Viking Lotto Results History (draw no / draw date / numbers). Viking Lotto Tulokset.

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Play Viking Lotto Online - Buy Viking Lotto Tickets The Viking lotto started back in 1993 and it was the first of its kind in Europe. It’s a cooperation between the lotteries of nine European countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Slovenia.

Vikinglotto: Draws every Wednesday

The winning Viking Lotto numbers can be found here along with all historical Viking Lotto results. All of the Viking Lotto results appear straight after the draw so you never need to check anywhere else.

Vikinglotto - Spil om 26.000.000 kr. nu på onsdag - …
vikiing lotto

How to Play. To play Vikinglotto, you choose six numbers between 1 and 48, plus one Viking number between 1 and 8. The Viking number is drawn from a separate pool, so it …

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vikiing lotto

Vikinglotto is the first of its kind – a multinational lottery sensation. Get all the most recent Vikinglotto information online now!

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The Viking Lotto (Veikkaus) is a hugely popular lottery run by Norsk Tipping and played across the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia and Sweden. The citizens of Finland alone spend around €100 million per year playing Viking Lotto.

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vikiing lotto

Viking Lotto (known in Denmark as Onsdags Lotto, "Wednesday Lotto", Víkingalottó in Iceland) is a cooperation between the national lotteries in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Viking Lotto started in 1993 and was the first of its kind in Europe.

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